What to ask before buying a floor sweeper

Buying a floor scrubber or floor sweeper can be a daunting task if you are not prepared with the right questions to ask the seller. Clenco are specialists in floor sweepers so accordingly we have put together some questions for you to ask. Check it out below

At Clenco we sell a lot of floor sweepers to all different types of companies through out New Zealand.Before purchasing a floor sweeper from us or any body really there are a few things you should establish first.
The first floor scrubber and sweeper question is………..
What is the size of the area you wish to clean?

The size of the floor that needs to be kept cleaned, swept and potentially washed (using our floor scrubber combo) is important due to the amount of work the machine will do. We have a range of machines with different service options based on the hours used so it is wise to get some advice first on what machine is best for the size of the area you need to keep clean.


How quick do you wish to clean the area?

The reason we suggest you ask this is some companies have people dedicated for cleaning in which case the time taken is not as important however others have people cleaning who also have other jobs with in the organisation so therefore they need a fast result so they can get back to the job at hand. Being stuck on a slow floor sweeper if you are in a hurry will mean a poor job gets done and the person doing it will be ambivalent about the job.

Which power source would you prefer?

The two main sources of power for a floor sweeper can be derived from battery, petrol or diesel engine. In some environments having fumes within an enclosed area can be dangerous which is why battery operated machines are useful. Battery power can be quite surprising with the power outputs and the abilities of the battery packed machines to achieve the results.

What type of area do you wish to clean?

This also is a great question to ask as many floors come with different types of problems. For example a warehouse floor where food is handled regularly can have grease deposits which will cause dirt to stick and could require some heat and water injection to clean it thoroughly followed by a dryer to remove the excess. A mall floor sweeper as example needs a soft brush that won’t damage the wax that the floor polisher uses, a warehouse floor will need additional brushes to handle the very fine dust that comes of pallets and cardboard packaging. So talk to your cleaning machine expert today and get the inside information on what machine suits you best.

What is the dirt on the floor consisting of?

The reason we ask you to think about this is different types of dirt can cause different types of problems for various machines. For example if you have fine gravel coming into the warehouse area regularly (can come through on the tyres, peoples shoes etc) then getting the gravel picked up efficiently is critical to avoid wear and tear on the floor. Food scraps such as vegetables, grease, milk powders and so on all have different effects on the floor so it is crucial you get a machine that can accommodate all the various types of dirt varieties that may exist on your floor.


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