Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Floor Sweeper

Keeping your warehouse or commercial area clean can be a problem in 2015. Here are a few tips for you to help you make some decisions around your floor cleaning equipment for this year. Some tips and things to look out for.

You count on your floor sweeper to keep your floors looking great. When your machine is not working properly, your cleaning staff cannot complete their jobs in an efficient manner. A malfunctioning floor sweeper also cannot deliver the results you want. Read on to discover three signs that it’s time to purchase a new floor sweeper.

Your Floor Sweeper Does Not Work Consistently.

It’s frustrating to deal with a floor sweeper that does not work well on a consistent basis. At times, your sweeper works with no problems, but on other occasions, it’s difficult to turn on. Perhaps your floor sweeper shuts down when you’re in the middle of cleaning your floors or drops debris and dirt while it’s being used.

These problems can be the result of many different issues, but you simply cannot work efficiently with a floor sweeper that doesn’t provide a high level of service every time you use it.

Your Floors Still Look Dirty After a Cleaning.

A quality floor sweeper should do a great job cleaning your floors during each usage. If your floor still feels dusty or looks dirty after a cleaning, your sweeper is not working properly. Even worse, a faulty sweeper can actually cause damage to your flooring.

As we talk to potential customers who use other types of floor sweepers, this is one of their most common complaints. Users are especially frustrated by sweepers that don’t clean the corners of their rooms well and those that cannot function on uneven surfaces. You should not have to clean your floors again immediately after a cleaning if you are using a high quality floor sweeper.


Cleaning Your Floors Is Taking Longer and Longer.

In business, time is money. You want your cleaning staff to be able to clean your spaces as quickly as possible. However, you still want to maintain a high level of quality. Dirty floors don’t give a favorable impression of your business to your current customers or potential clients.

When a floor sweeper is not working efficiently, it can take twice as long to complete your cleaning tasks. The operator should not have to clean the same areas of the floor over and over to get the desired results. Instead, an efficient floor sweeper will get the job done right the first time, every time. This allows your cleaning staff to get the job done right without any wasted time or effort.

If you are experiencing any of these problems on a regular basis, it’s likely time for a new floor sweeper. Since a floor sweeper can be a big investment, it’s important to carefully research before you make your next purchase.

There are many variances in the manufacturing and performance of sweepers created by different companies. Clenco floor sweepers are manufactured in Germany according to the highest standards. When you invest in a Clenco sweeper, you will receive a machine that is built to withstand the test of time, even under heavy usage. Our company also services our floor sweepers, so any repair issues you have will be dealt with quickly and correctly.

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