NZ Floor scrubber reviews

Floor scrubbers have a very hard life so getting one that will last the distance is critical.
Here are some tips based on the many reviews we have done over the years
What to look for and what to avoid. Check it out

Make no mistake that floor scrubbers get a hard life.

They get hammered by their users and have to work tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year, which means they have to be durable and able to stand the test of time. Clenco supply German Made Robust and Reliable Floors scrubbing and floor sweeping machines and we are pleased to be able to give you some tips you should be looking at when reviewing a Floor Scrubber.

Here are some things we have noticed when servicing floor scrubbers for the last 20 years. The machines we have seen, range right through all the brands, and as we are an independent agent, we can service all makes and models; which means we get to see the bold, the beautiful and the down right ugly.

Let us guide you in making the correct choice with your next purchase.
So before making that all important investment contact us and get some help.
If you are replacing your machine or looking to buy a new one then read on.

Review Tip No 1. What are the components made out of.

A recent review we did of a machine from China had sub standard metal components which led to corrosion and breakages with in 4 months of use. The repair was pricey as it involved some custom made brackets using quality stainless steel plus 4-5 hours workshop labour. Also down time in the factory and possible more down time as the other parts continue to fail.
Floor Scrubbers

Review Tip No 2. Does the scrubber and suction units work efficiently i.e do they clean properly

You would be surprised by the number of floor scrubbers we get in to service that the owners complain about poor pickup levels, in other words the design is not accurate and loose debris is left on the floor or the scrubber brush does not come in contact with the floor accurately and the clean is not efficient. I good litmus test is to walk on your floor after it ha sbeen cleaned. If your socks look like below then you need one of our machines!

Review Tip No 3. Is the scrubber unit comfortable to operate

Operators do tend to spend a fair amount of time in the hot seat, so having a chair that is comfortable is important plus for health and safety reasons also important.

Review Tip No 4. Can you get parts and reliable service

Too many machines come to us that no longer have agents or were imported and the importers never bothered to carry parts. This means difficult and costly servicing and repairs. Don’t you get caught also. Find out if the agents have parts
At Clenco we have been serving NZ companies since 1998 with parts and quality advice.

Review Tip No 5. Are the switches, mechanics and electrics easy and basic to operate.

These are floor scrubbers, not fine race cars. The more external switches, dials, levers, buttons and so on the more problems you will have.  Keep it simple and the machine will last longer. Staff are not kind on equipment so the less that can break the cheaper your maintenance bill will be and the longer your machine will last.

Review tip No 6. Health and Safety

Do your operators know how to use the machine in a way that does not endanger others. These are heavy units and can hurt if they collide with some one

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Commercial floor scrubber and Walk behind floor scrubbers.
Clenco sell and service a range of ride on and walk-behind scrubber machines made in Germany under our commercial cleaning equipment brand CLENCO. The commercial floor scrubber features a compact design with a 17-inch cleaning path and is available ex our show room in East Tamaki Auckland

These units are made in Germany from the best quality components money can buy. We carry parts for all our floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, water blasters and other cleaning equipment, plus we service and repair all cleaning equipment also. Clenco cleaning machines are from the factory of Columbus in Germany and these floor scrubbers all have a proven reputation in the industry for many decades.
Robustly built, easy to handle, and with all the right accessories for different uses. Developed according to German engineering principles and knowledge. Equipped with field-tested technology.

Our floor scrubbers are very versatile in keeping industry and commercial building common areas clean and tidy. The benefit of owning a a quality machines is the reduced labour rates in keeping a warehouse clean and tidy and increased production from staff members. Whipping around the floor to remove debris and waste material using a Clenco quality machine is easy and fast.

ARA 66 BM70iL with silver Clenco Logosweeper-featured

Terms of Use:
Scrubbing is the term used to describe what a floor scrubber will do to a warehouse floor prior to cleaning.

A cleaner is somebody who operated floor scrubbing machine or a floor sweeper and is responsible for the over all cleanliness of the facility they are charged with cleaning. Typically these roles are contracted to a cleaning company or franchise. Clenco are proud to be able to service and supply many commercial cleaning Franchises in New Zealand and Auckland.

All floor scrubbers use brushes to clean and sweep the floors first before cleaning takes place.

A floor polisher is a different type of unit used mostly in non warehouse type facilities such as supermarkets, vets, halls, schools, and other such like facilities. These are different to floor scrubbers

Floor machine
This is the term used for one of our cleaning machines if they are sold from our floor stock. A range of Karcher Scrubbers and Clenco Scrubbers.

Floor cleaning:
The term used for commercial floor areas to be kept free of dirt and dust.

Commercial floor

A commercial floor is typically associated with a warehouse and thee floors often attract dirt, grease and other contaminants that require specialist cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor washers, steam cleaner and many other specialist floor equipment.

Auto scrubber

Scrubbers come as walk behind or ride on and these requirements vary per customer. In Auckland there are larger facilities that require ride on scrubber dryers such as large commercial floors in warehousing and logistics centres.


Automatic floor scrubber

This term is typically associated with having cleaning chemicals within the unit to help clean the floor fast and efficiently