The amazing cleaning power of dregreaser Enzymes. When you think of the word enzymes, it sounds like a miracle of laboratory science experimentation, but in fact they are a natural part of our world.

Degreaser and Enzyme Cleaners

They are found in every living organism and without them life would cease to exist. Degreaser and Enzymes are catalysts – not living organisms.

Comprised of hundred of amino-acids, degreaser enzyme are essentially proteins produced by living organisms. Responsible for numerous reactions and biological activities in plants, animals, human beings where they are found in the digestive system breaking down carbohydrates (sugars), fats or proteins present in food. Essential for all metabolic processes, enzymes are not themselves living materials. They are vastly different from other proteins because they are biological catalysts that is they speed up reactions but do not get used themselves.

Types of degreaser Enzymes

Proteases these degreaser enzymes act on soils and stains that contain protein. For example collars & soil-lines, grass or blood. They also break down long proteins into smaller peptides.

Amylases these enzymes are effective for removing starch-based soils and stains, like sauces, ice-creams or gravy. They also break down starches into smaller sugar molecules.

Lipases These enzymes are great at removing oil and greasy body and food based stains.

Cellulases are very good at providing generalised cleaning benefits, on dust and mud for example. They are also great for garments made from cellulose fiber, minimizing ‘pilling’ and restoring color and softness.

What makes clenco degreaser enzyme products different ?

Our degreaser  Enzyme cleaner is uniquely manufactured using all four (4) different types of enzymes in one formulation and this is very different from other enzyme cleaners you may have seen on the market.
Under normal conditions each enzyme would attack the other ones and so using all four in one formulation would result in a useless cleaner. Our proprietary formulation uses a Stabilization process, to allow the enzymes to co-exist with one another.
Because of this with just one application, you are able to remove almost any type of stain with just one application of one product. You don’t need to use different products on different stains.

Clenco degreaser Enzyme Wizard Product Features…

All our products don’t contain any soap so there is no soap scum build up over time.

    • Plant based – our enzymes wont upset natural bacteria
    • Our enzyme based cleaners accelerate the destruction of organic material
    • Our cleaners are pH Neutral and wont damage surfaces with acidity
    • Powerful and Eco-Positive
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • No Chemical Agents or phosphates


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