Clenco – Buyers Guide to Floor Cleaners

Flooring for any business is an expensive asset worth protecting. What should you look for and what budget should you allow. These questions and much more answered here by our resident expert.

There are so many machines to choose from – how do you make the right choice?

Let Clenco’s Buyer’s Guide to Floor Cleaning Equipment help you to make a positive and informed purchasing decision.

What type of flooring do you have?

Clenco can help you choose a cleaner to suit your surface. To properly clean some vinyl surfaces a rotary machine with a suitable brush head may be needed. Marble, granite or limestone will require a high polish to remove scratches. Carpets may need more than a vacuum and a cleaner result obtained by using an extractor to clean the fibers.

What surface area do you need to cover?
Note the dimensions of your floor area when first discussing cleaner options with Clenco.
If you don’t have a vast floor area then a higher capacity cleaner is not necessary.
It’s important that your cleaner can easily man oeuvre under desks or on stairs.
Compare the width of the cleaning track and turning circle of each machine along with their ability to negotiate irregular surfaces.

How does your outside environment affect your flooring?
If outside is particularly dusty or muddy, dirt may be walked in or carried through the air,
then Clenco will recommend more robust floor cleaning equipment. If your business has heavy foot traffic
then this will result in a bigger cleaning job.

Consider the total cost, not just purchase price.
Clenco believe a realistic budget based on what you can afford is important and there are a good choice of effective, multi-purpose machines that represent incredible value for money on the market.
Quality is important for your budget because investing in equipment that is ineffective, poorly constructed,
or uses more cleaning chemicals can be a false economy. Equipment will have to be replaced sooner, and the flooring itself may have to be prematurely replaced.
Discuss with Clenco options for a flexible finance package.

Will you make an environmental choice?
Some machines have been specially engineered to utilize less water, and fewer chemicals. Others achieve more energy-efficient power consumption. If sustainability is high on your agenda, talk to Clenco about equipment with in-built features that have been designed to better protect the environment.

Making a Safe Choice
Floor cleaning equipment can help you in your health and safety duty to employees and the public. Clenco can show you machines that are now cordless and battery-operated; to prevent trailing leads causing trips or falls, which is especially important in daytime cleaning scenarios. Machines now have powerful in-built functionality to clean floors in a single pass to leave them virtually dry in a matter of minutes. Air movers, fans and room dryers also help to speed up the drying process.

Will your cleaning be night time or daytime?
Cleaning during operational hours avoids paying a premium for out of hours services and cuts energy use, as buildings no longer need to be lit during the hours of darkness. Cleaners and their equipment will have a more visible presence, and it is important that health and safety of employees and members of the public be considered. Noise is an especially unwelcome intrusion in many settings. Talk with Clenco about quieter machines.

Ask for a Demo
Once you have a shortlist of cleaning machines arrange with Clenco to see some product demonstrations. Request a specific task of your choosing, then time the demonstration and assess the results thoroughly.

Additional support
Don’t forget that floor-cleaning machines need consumables such as belts, filters, pads, brushes and cleaning chemicals. Assess how long these will last, whether they are readily available from Clenco. Consider the cost and benefits of the recommended service and maintenance.
Clenco has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will prove incredibly helpful in during the process of evaluating and recommending the purchase of cleaning equipment for your needs.
With Clenco on board your floors will look good and last longer.