September 16th, 2020

Scrubber DryersThese amazing machines turns floor cleaning into a breeze, with less impact on the environment thanks to an integrated chemical dosing system you will get just the right amount of chemical hitting the floor for a perfect clean or […]

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Scrubber DryersThese amazing machines turns floor cleaning into a breeze, with less impact on the environment thanks to an integrated chemical dosing system you will get just the right amount of chemical hitting the floor for a perfect clean or shine. When cleaning is more important than ever now it the time to get the right equipment for the job.The compact design reduces material consumption achieving the highest possible energy efficiency. Columbus scrubber dryers are a good example of this, being constructed using innovative double-wall technology, and the solution tank encases the battery compartment, saving weight and space.With a choice of a pad or a brush these machines offer the best, Multiple pad options depending on the floor and brushes use textured bristles positioned over the entire surface area of the brush, enabling the bristles to work over a larger area and distribute water absolutely evenly.
In addition, the outer ring of bristles is particularly dense and always retains sufficient cleaning solution within the brush, even when using small quantities of water.Start ShoppingVERY ROBUST MECHANICS Only truly durable machines are also truly green SUPERB SUCTION Guarantees streak-free floors that can be walked on immediately after cleaning. CLEAN RIGHT UP TO THE EDGE Perfect cleaning result, right up to the wall HIGH BRUSH PRESSURE Excellent cleaning result with the lowest possible amounts of water and chemicals, even on very dirty surfaces.

Covid-19 Policy

March 19th, 2020

Dear Loyal Customers,
We are aware of the on going updates regarding the Covid-19 virus.
We want to assure you Clenco is doing their up most to help prevent the spread of the Virus.

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Dear Loyal Customers,
We are aware of the on going updates regarding the Covid-19 virus.
We want to assure you Clenco is doing their up most to help prevent the spread of the Virus.
Our technicians are still available for call out break downs and repairs, they will be following the below guidelines.

  • Sanitising their hands before entering a site
  • Wearing Gloves at all times while working on the machines
  • Wiping the exterior of machines down with disinfectant after completion of repair, focusing on hand holds and touch points.
  • The showroom will be wiped down often with disinfectant including desks, eftpos machines, display machines, computers and accessories.
    If you have any concerns or extra requirements for our technicians coming to your site please call and let us know and we will do our up most to accommodate.
    Please if you are dropping your machine in for repair and are feeling unwell please refrain from doing so.
    We do remind you to clean your cleaning machines after use washing out waste tanks and wiping the exterior of the machine and blades if scrubber dryer.

floor sweepers for a warehouse

Cleaning a Warehouse in an Industrial Building

February 20th, 2020

Keeping your warehouse flooring clean and tidy requires special equipment and some regimented cleaning procedures. Find out more below on what you should look out for using New Zealand floor scrubbers, floor dryers and floor sweepers.

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When the trucks start moving and the forklifts start lifting, there’s barely any time for cleaning in a busy warehouse. Most companies forget about the important cleaning jobs such as the floor, the aisles, and the unloading dock.

Most larger industrial styled companies use a large range of cleaning methods such as floor scrubbers, floor cleaning chemicals floor sweepers and other tools to facilitate a fast and efficient cleaning process. The problem can be that the variety of flooring substrates are tricky to clean. An example is tiles, screen walls, interior walls, poised ceilings, lighting, furniture and window cleaning.
Although there are machines out there to do these jobs at Clenco we focus in on the floors and provide robust German made machinery to do the job. This is a specialist area and re quires expertise in machinery and experience in servicing the floor cleaning units

Here are some of the floor cleaning machines we can provide

Power Scrubber Dryers with walk-behind or ride on automatic scrubbing
Pressure washing or as we call it water blasting machines.
Steam cleaning in addition to chemical degreasing machinery
Walk behind or ride on Floor sweepers

Why is Cleaning the Floor Important for Health and Safety in Big Commercial Warehouses?

Employers are required by the Health and Safety act to make sure the health and safety of all workers is as good as it can be. This means ensuring cleaning regimes are documented and all staff know when the machines will be operating and where they will be in the warehouse. A floor scrubber or floor sweeper have a considerable weight in them and although they move relatively slowly they still can be dangerous to a foot or by crushing someone if the driver does not see them.
Coupled with that there are forklifts in warehouses and these do travel fast.

Employees actions require that the hazards should be identified and noted. This includes taking steps to manage slip and trip risks.

Slips along with trips are the main frequent origin of major injuries at jobs. About 90% of these are broken bones and minor injuries. The expenses to business are considerable and there is immeasurable human charge and pain to those hurt. Floor cleaning is important to avoid causing slip and trip accidents, both to cleaning personnel as well as others.

The most efficient approach is to make sure that slips and trips hazards are planned out of a structure. Consulting with the cleaners if the cleaning of the warehouse is outsourced can offer important information on the appropriateness of the planned usage of cleaning tools.

Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Floor Sweeper

February 9th, 2019

Keeping your warehouse or commercial area clean can be a problem in 2015. Here are a few tips for you to help you make some decisions around your floor cleaning equipment for this year. Some tips and things to look out for.

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You count on your floor sweeper to keep your floors looking great. When your machine is not working properly, your cleaning staff cannot complete their jobs in an efficient manner. A malfunctioning floor sweeper also cannot deliver the results you want. Read on to discover three signs that it’s time to purchase a new floor sweeper.

Your Floor Sweeper Does Not Work Consistently.

It’s frustrating to deal with a floor sweeper that does not work well on a consistent basis. At times, your sweeper works with no problems, but on other occasions, it’s difficult to turn on. Perhaps your floor sweeper shuts down when you’re in the middle of cleaning your floors or drops debris and dirt while it’s being used.

These problems can be the result of many different issues, but you simply cannot work efficiently with a floor sweeper that doesn’t provide a high level of service every time you use it.

Your Floors Still Look Dirty After a Cleaning.

A quality floor sweeper should do a great job cleaning your floors during each usage. If your floor still feels dusty or looks dirty after a cleaning, your sweeper is not working properly. Even worse, a faulty sweeper can actually cause damage to your flooring.

As we talk to potential customers who use other types of floor sweepers, this is one of their most common complaints. Users are especially frustrated by sweepers that don’t clean the corners of their rooms well and those that cannot function on uneven surfaces. You should not have to clean your floors again immediately after a cleaning if you are using a high quality floor sweeper.


Cleaning Your Floors Is Taking Longer and Longer.

In business, time is money. You want your cleaning staff to be able to clean your spaces as quickly as possible. However, you still want to maintain a high level of quality. Dirty floors don’t give a favorable impression of your business to your current customers or potential clients.

When a floor sweeper is not working efficiently, it can take twice as long to complete your cleaning tasks. The operator should not have to clean the same areas of the floor over and over to get the desired results. Instead, an efficient floor sweeper will get the job done right the first time, every time. This allows your cleaning staff to get the job done right without any wasted time or effort.

If you are experiencing any of these problems on a regular basis, it’s likely time for a new floor sweeper. Since a floor sweeper can be a big investment, it’s important to carefully research before you make your next purchase.

There are many variances in the manufacturing and performance of sweepers created by different companies. Clenco floor sweepers are manufactured in Germany according to the highest standards. When you invest in a Clenco sweeper, you will receive a machine that is built to withstand the test of time, even under heavy usage. Our company also services our floor sweepers, so any repair issues you have will be dealt with quickly and correctly.

Don’t let cleaning your business behind a problem and end up like this business Rat droppings in your warehouse or food preparation areas is not a good look!!

How long do you spend cleaning?

March 4th, 2018

How to save time, effort and money when cleaning your commercial warehouse, yard or school grounds. After 16 years in the business we can help you with a quality machine. But do you think women spend more time cleaning than men?

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An interesting statistic is that Women spend a YEAR AND A HALF of their lives cleaning the house (but men only put in half as long) according to the UK Daily Mail.

We thought that this statistic might be similar to the stats we get from our clients on the amount of time they spend cleaning large areas at their place of work with floor sweepers and the amount of lost time due to inferior floor scrubbers and floor sweepers and poor support from parts dealers and importers in NZ. A quality warehouse sweeper can make a lot of difference to the overall job and German made is the only way to go.
When confronted with a massive space to clean (as shown below) using a floor sweeper on a regular basis, then the quality of the floor scrubber machine can play a big part in the time it takes to clean and the overall efficiency.
In some cases you may only need a floor sweeper however if there is persistent dirt and build up a scrubber could be more beneficial. Our client services team can advise you on this.
The variety in the machines we carry is huge and in some cases you may need cleaning equipment such as detergents, hot water and so on.
Or areas such as shown below are just dusty so they require a efficient brush cleaning system
floor sweepers for a warehouse

Let me explain

So often we see a floor scrubber that may have been built on a budget and purchased on a budget. What the purchaser does not realise is that over the long term he/she will spend up to 5 times as much as the value of the machine in down time, breakages, and unreliability not to mention the actual cleaning process it self will be slower which adds more man hours to the equation.

floor scrubbers

Large warehouse needs cleaning

This all adds cost and in fact the purchaser would have been better off buying a quality unit in the first place. Although there were no floor scrubbers or water blasters in 1848 there were men who spoke wise words that are still applicable today.

John Ruskin said in 1848 the following

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When
you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The
common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a
lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well
to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will
have enough to pay for something better.”

John Ruskin

A quality floor scrubber will last the distance without downtime and breakages plus it will get the job done faster and more efficiently



Stats from

Why does bacteria hate our unique scrubber/dryer

September 4th, 2015

Floors scrubbers and Bacteria One consideration that is worthy of mention in regards to commercial cleaning is the problem of contamination within manufacturing plants and how to reduce the effects, particularity when a lot of the problems are proven to […]

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Floors scrubbers and Bacteria

One consideration that is worthy of mention in regards to commercial cleaning is the problem of contamination within manufacturing plants and how to reduce the effects, particularity when a lot of the problems are proven to be attributed to the floor.
The days of using a mop and bucket are gone. Research shows the a mop and bucket cleaning system is not desirable due to what is known as soil loading.  Once the chemical becomes saturated with contaminants or soiling as it is known the chemical is no longer effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

We receive phone calls from concerned business owners in the manufacturing sector who are looking for a proven solution to cleaning their facilities to remove bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the food they are producing. They are keen to learn how does a floor sweeper work in these environments.

This problem is often overlooked when a traditional floor scrubber and floor sweeper are used in these environments. They are traditionally used in commercial situations such as large warehouses and storage facilities. However when dealing with food manufacturing the problem of bacteria in the flooring substrate can be overlooked as a contamination source.

Introducing Our Clenco BAC® systems which has been specially developed for use in hospitals, homes for the elderly,kitchens and the food industry – in other words, every area that has stringent hygienic requirements. (HACCP).

noBAC® tanks are made of poly-ethylene enriched with an anti-bacterial, inorganic additive.

They are optionally available for columbus scrubber dryers B/BM 40, BM 60 and ARA 100.

How it works

The additive works from the inside out, and prevents microbial growth in micro-fissures, dead-spots and rough surfaces. Bacteria are pre-vented from multiplying and killed.

The noBAC® combination of active substances (polyethylene and additive) has been tested in relation to the bacteria strains Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococ-cus aureus (MRSA), as stipulated by ISO 22196. Laboratory results confirmed the efficiency of noBAC®: bacteria strains were reduced by 99.9%.


Better hygiene and disinfection.

Less work cleaning the machines, shorter service times for cleaning tanks, less expenditure on chemicals.

noBAC® also protects users against bacteria.

noBAC® does not have a use-by date – it works for the entire life-span of a tank.

The noBAC® combination of active substances is both food-safe and compatible with every chemical– there are no interactions. Environmental protection

The production, use and recycling of the tanks does not damage the environment at any point.

Non-hazardous to health.

What to ask before buying a floor sweeper

November 17th, 2014

Buying a floor scrubber or floor sweeper can be a daunting task if you are not prepared with the right questions to ask the seller. Clenco are specialists in floor sweepers so accordingly we have put together some questions for you to ask. Check it out below

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At Clenco we sell a lot of floor sweepers to all different types of companies through out New Zealand.Before purchasing a floor sweeper from us or any body really there are a few things you should establish first.
The first floor scrubber and sweeper question is………..
What is the size of the area you wish to clean?

The size of the floor that needs to be kept cleaned, swept and potentially washed (using our floor scrubber combo) is important due to the amount of work the machine will do. We have a range of machines with different service options based on the hours used so it is wise to get some advice first on what machine is best for the size of the area you need to keep clean.


How quick do you wish to clean the area?

The reason we suggest you ask this is some companies have people dedicated for cleaning in which case the time taken is not as important however others have people cleaning who also have other jobs with in the organisation so therefore they need a fast result so they can get back to the job at hand. Being stuck on a slow floor sweeper if you are in a hurry will mean a poor job gets done and the person doing it will be ambivalent about the job.

Which power source would you prefer?

The two main sources of power for a floor sweeper can be derived from battery, petrol or diesel engine. In some environments having fumes within an enclosed area can be dangerous which is why battery operated machines are useful. Battery power can be quite surprising with the power outputs and the abilities of the battery packed machines to achieve the results.

What type of area do you wish to clean?

This also is a great question to ask as many floors come with different types of problems. For example a warehouse floor where food is handled regularly can have grease deposits which will cause dirt to stick and could require some heat and water injection to clean it thoroughly followed by a dryer to remove the excess. A mall floor sweeper as example needs a soft brush that won’t damage the wax that the floor polisher uses, a warehouse floor will need additional brushes to handle the very fine dust that comes of pallets and cardboard packaging. So talk to your cleaning machine expert today and get the inside information on what machine suits you best.

What is the dirt on the floor consisting of?

The reason we ask you to think about this is different types of dirt can cause different types of problems for various machines. For example if you have fine gravel coming into the warehouse area regularly (can come through on the tyres, peoples shoes etc) then getting the gravel picked up efficiently is critical to avoid wear and tear on the floor. Food scraps such as vegetables, grease, milk powders and so on all have different effects on the floor so it is crucial you get a machine that can accommodate all the various types of dirt varieties that may exist on your floor.


You can view a small percentage of our machines here

And some more machines here on our larger water blaster site


Cheers Kerry




Clenco – Buyers Guide to Floor Cleaners

August 5th, 2014

Flooring for any business is an expensive asset worth protecting. What should you look for and what budget should you allow. These questions and much more answered here by our resident expert.

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There are so many machines to choose from – how do you make the right choice?

Let Clenco’s Buyer’s Guide to Floor Cleaning Equipment help you to make a positive and informed purchasing decision.

What type of flooring do you have?

Clenco can help you choose a cleaner to suit your surface. To properly clean some vinyl surfaces a rotary machine with a suitable brush head may be needed. Marble, granite or limestone will require a high polish to remove scratches. Carpets may need more than a vacuum and a cleaner result obtained by using an extractor to clean the fibers.

What surface area do you need to cover?
Note the dimensions of your floor area when first discussing cleaner options with Clenco.
If you don’t have a vast floor area then a higher capacity cleaner is not necessary.
It’s important that your cleaner can easily man oeuvre under desks or on stairs.
Compare the width of the cleaning track and turning circle of each machine along with their ability to negotiate irregular surfaces.

How does your outside environment affect your flooring?
If outside is particularly dusty or muddy, dirt may be walked in or carried through the air,
then Clenco will recommend more robust floor cleaning equipment. If your business has heavy foot traffic
then this will result in a bigger cleaning job.

Consider the total cost, not just purchase price.
Clenco believe a realistic budget based on what you can afford is important and there are a good choice of effective, multi-purpose machines that represent incredible value for money on the market.
Quality is important for your budget because investing in equipment that is ineffective, poorly constructed,
or uses more cleaning chemicals can be a false economy. Equipment will have to be replaced sooner, and the flooring itself may have to be prematurely replaced.
Discuss with Clenco options for a flexible finance package.

Will you make an environmental choice?
Some machines have been specially engineered to utilize less water, and fewer chemicals. Others achieve more energy-efficient power consumption. If sustainability is high on your agenda, talk to Clenco about equipment with in-built features that have been designed to better protect the environment.

Making a Safe Choice
Floor cleaning equipment can help you in your health and safety duty to employees and the public. Clenco can show you machines that are now cordless and battery-operated; to prevent trailing leads causing trips or falls, which is especially important in daytime cleaning scenarios. Machines now have powerful in-built functionality to clean floors in a single pass to leave them virtually dry in a matter of minutes. Air movers, fans and room dryers also help to speed up the drying process.

Will your cleaning be night time or daytime?
Cleaning during operational hours avoids paying a premium for out of hours services and cuts energy use, as buildings no longer need to be lit during the hours of darkness. Cleaners and their equipment will have a more visible presence, and it is important that health and safety of employees and members of the public be considered. Noise is an especially unwelcome intrusion in many settings. Talk with Clenco about quieter machines.

Ask for a Demo
Once you have a shortlist of cleaning machines arrange with Clenco to see some product demonstrations. Request a specific task of your choosing, then time the demonstration and assess the results thoroughly.

Additional support
Don’t forget that floor-cleaning machines need consumables such as belts, filters, pads, brushes and cleaning chemicals. Assess how long these will last, whether they are readily available from Clenco. Consider the cost and benefits of the recommended service and maintenance.
Clenco has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will prove incredibly helpful in during the process of evaluating and recommending the purchase of cleaning equipment for your needs.
With Clenco on board your floors will look good and last longer.


Why is quality industrial cleaning equipment so important

November 12th, 2013

At Clenco we have a large range of industrial cleaning equipment for all situations plus the cleaning chemicals to go with the machines.  The interesting thing is the number of machines made in dubious factories located in Asia that we […]

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At Clenco we have a large range of industrial cleaning equipment for all situations plus the cleaning chemicals to go with the machines.  The interesting thing is the number of machines made in dubious factories located in Asia that we see daily that break down!.
The difference bewteen our machines and the low quality ones comes to the strength of the components and the quality of the materials used to build the industrial cleaning machines.
At Complete Services we have been dedicated to supplying industrial cleaning equipment now for 13 years in East Tamaki. The ranges we have are Nilfisk, Karcher and of course the quality German brand Clenco that we import into New Zealand.

Clenco machines are built for New Zealand conditions and built to last. If you are a commercial cleaner or have a large area to clean regularly then we are interested to speak with you. Discover the benefits of buying quality over price. Having a poor performing industrial cleaning machine such as a scrubber or a waterblaster can cost you money in maintenance and lost income through down time.

Having a regular cleaning machine maintenance programme can help the situation however the most important thing is to have high quality parts and well manufactured machines



Alot of cleaning equipment these days is made with dubious parts to save money. The mass produced ones are contracted at a certain price. The manufacturer then has to try to make a profit by obtaining either cheaper or less quality parts, plus ensure labour costs are as low as possible. The end result are machines that may look great but have inferior parts and won’t last the distance.

Clenco machines are made to a specification and hand built in Germany. No cheap parts, no short cuts in the labour times. Just pure German precision engineering and quality means your machine will last for a very long time and won’t break down. All machines need regular servicing and at Complete Services we have a full service section.

Waterblasters are also used for cleaning out tanks and as rain water harvesting is becoming popular in Auckland so are the needs to clean the tanks thoroughly annually.

Contact us to make an enquiry

NZ Floor scrubber reviews

September 26th, 2013

Floor scrubbers have a very hard life so getting one that will last the distance is critical.
Here are some tips based on the many reviews we have done over the years
What to look for and what to avoid. Check it out

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Make no mistake that floor scrubbers get a hard life.

They get hammered by their users and have to work tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year, which means they have to be durable and able to stand the test of time. Clenco supply German Made Robust and Reliable Floors scrubbing and floor sweeping machines and we are pleased to be able to give you some tips you should be looking at when reviewing a Floor Scrubber.

Here are some things we have noticed when servicing floor scrubbers for the last 20 years. The machines we have seen, range right through all the brands, and as we are an independent agent, we can service all makes and models; which means we get to see the bold, the beautiful and the down right ugly.

Let us guide you in making the correct choice with your next purchase.
So before making that all important investment contact us and get some help.
If you are replacing your machine or looking to buy a new one then read on.

Review Tip No 1. What are the components made out of.

A recent review we did of a machine from China had sub standard metal components which led to corrosion and breakages with in 4 months of use. The repair was pricey as it involved some custom made brackets using quality stainless steel plus 4-5 hours workshop labour. Also down time in the factory and possible more down time as the other parts continue to fail.
Floor Scrubbers

Review Tip No 2. Does the scrubber and suction units work efficiently i.e do they clean properly

You would be surprised by the number of floor scrubbers we get in to service that the owners complain about poor pickup levels, in other words the design is not accurate and loose debris is left on the floor or the scrubber brush does not come in contact with the floor accurately and the clean is not efficient. I good litmus test is to walk on your floor after it ha sbeen cleaned. If your socks look like below then you need one of our machines!

Review Tip No 3. Is the scrubber unit comfortable to operate

Operators do tend to spend a fair amount of time in the hot seat, so having a chair that is comfortable is important plus for health and safety reasons also important.

Review Tip No 4. Can you get parts and reliable service

Too many machines come to us that no longer have agents or were imported and the importers never bothered to carry parts. This means difficult and costly servicing and repairs. Don’t you get caught also. Find out if the agents have parts
At Clenco we have been serving NZ companies since 1998 with parts and quality advice.

Review Tip No 5. Are the switches, mechanics and electrics easy and basic to operate.

These are floor scrubbers, not fine race cars. The more external switches, dials, levers, buttons and so on the more problems you will have.  Keep it simple and the machine will last longer. Staff are not kind on equipment so the less that can break the cheaper your maintenance bill will be and the longer your machine will last.

Review tip No 6. Health and Safety

Do your operators know how to use the machine in a way that does not endanger others. These are heavy units and can hurt if they collide with some one

For more detail on this please click here





Commercial floor scrubber and Walk behind floor scrubbers.
Clenco sell and service a range of ride on and walk-behind scrubber machines made in Germany under our commercial cleaning equipment brand CLENCO. The commercial floor scrubber features a compact design with a 17-inch cleaning path and is available ex our show room in East Tamaki Auckland

These units are made in Germany from the best quality components money can buy. We carry parts for all our floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, water blasters and other cleaning equipment, plus we service and repair all cleaning equipment also. Clenco cleaning machines are from the factory of Columbus in Germany and these floor scrubbers all have a proven reputation in the industry for many decades.
Robustly built, easy to handle, and with all the right accessories for different uses. Developed according to German engineering principles and knowledge. Equipped with field-tested technology.

Our floor scrubbers are very versatile in keeping industry and commercial building common areas clean and tidy. The benefit of owning a a quality machines is the reduced labour rates in keeping a warehouse clean and tidy and increased production from staff members. Whipping around the floor to remove debris and waste material using a Clenco quality machine is easy and fast.

ARA 66 BM70iL with silver Clenco Logosweeper-featured

Terms of Use:
Scrubbing is the term used to describe what a floor scrubber will do to a warehouse floor prior to cleaning.

A cleaner is somebody who operated floor scrubbing machine or a floor sweeper and is responsible for the over all cleanliness of the facility they are charged with cleaning. Typically these roles are contracted to a cleaning company or franchise. Clenco are proud to be able to service and supply many commercial cleaning Franchises in New Zealand and Auckland.

All floor scrubbers use brushes to clean and sweep the floors first before cleaning takes place.

A floor polisher is a different type of unit used mostly in non warehouse type facilities such as supermarkets, vets, halls, schools, and other such like facilities. These are different to floor scrubbers

Floor machine
This is the term used for one of our cleaning machines if they are sold from our floor stock. A range of Karcher Scrubbers and Clenco Scrubbers.

Floor cleaning:
The term used for commercial floor areas to be kept free of dirt and dust.

Commercial floor

A commercial floor is typically associated with a warehouse and thee floors often attract dirt, grease and other contaminants that require specialist cleaning equipment such as floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, floor washers, steam cleaner and many other specialist floor equipment.

Auto scrubber

Scrubbers come as walk behind or ride on and these requirements vary per customer. In Auckland there are larger facilities that require ride on scrubber dryers such as large commercial floors in warehousing and logistics centres.


Automatic floor scrubber

This term is typically associated with having cleaning chemicals within the unit to help clean the floor fast and efficiently